Randy and Carmen!

Slammed!: Succeeding in a World of Too Busy

by Randy Harrington PhD, Carmen Voilleque

SLAMMED: Definition (expr.) extremely busy, not having enough time to get everything done, having many responsibilities, unable to do some things because too busy with others, task saturated, overwhelmed with work. The effect of working more simply yields more work. Everyone we talk to feels Slammed, and we’re betting that you do too. If you are one of the millions of people who is burning the candle at both ends, juggling the demands of career and family, sacrificing health and sleep, drowning in “to do” lists or stooping under the burden of incredible responsibility, then this book is for you. And, if you think you are one of the rare few who believes you can actually manage a Slammed lifestyle indefinitely—this is a must read. Warning: This is not a time management book. We can’t time manage our way out of the Slammed lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean there is no solution. In this book we explore the real source of the Slammed phenomenon that is setting an unsustainable pace in our workplaces and our lives. We offer some simple, practical (and some harder, more complex) solutions for being more productive, improving the quality of your work, leading your business, and living your best un-Slammed life.

Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership:
The Missing Link in Your Organizational Chart

by Randy Harrington PhD, Carmen Voilleque

Evolutionaries are people who lead teams, companies, systems, industries, communities and even nations through transformative change. This pocket book is a condensed edition of the original book Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership published in 2010. This pocket-sized guide offers assessments, tips and examples designed to help you unlock your transformational leadership potential. Evolutionary leaders are often hidden inside organizations, unrecognized for the value they can offer.But we believe the world needs Evolutionary leaders today, perhaps more than ever before. We have emerged from the Great Recession, but things will never be the same. The problems of the future require new skill sets to solve. Whether we like it or not, the new economy demands leaders that are agile, adaptable, innovative and visionary. These Evolutionaries are not new. They have always been around. But what is different now is how much we need these people to provide the vision and foster the teamwork needed to build a successful future. So whether you are an Evolutionary, you know an Evolutionary, or you are looking for one, this book is for you!

Randy Harrington, PhD and Carmen E. Voillequé are sought after business strategy consultants, experts in organizational communications, and authors. Randy is the CEO of Extreme Arts and Sciences and co-founded Strategic Arts and Sciences with Carmen in 2010. Randy and Carmen are the co-authors of Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership, The Evolutionaries Pocket Book, and SLAMMED: Succeeding in A World of Too Busy. Both serve clients in the financial, technology, travel & tourism, law, government, non-profit, education, health care and hospitality industries. They also earn a lot of frequent flier miles delivering keynote speeches across the country. When not working or writing, Randy can be found playing the guitar, cooking, or scuba diving and Carmen is most likely traveling the world with her husband and daughter. They both make their homes in Oregon.